“ Mentoring and facilitating often means learning to channel one’s own position as a professional in productive engagements with bodies of thought and social phenomena.”  
 At an introductory level, I aim to facilitate and mentor students, at a formative period in their lives, to understand their unique social position in all its values and limitations. My goal for the students I teach and mentor is to shape their understanding of how to build inclusive communities while incorporating questions of difference and inequality across different groups but also allows space to think critically about personal experience. 
I pursue this goal through three areas: 1) scholarship that addresses systemic inequalities; 
2) teaching that addresses questions of difference across topics;  and 3) service that mentors and builds the capacity of underrepresented and first-generation scholars in higher levels of education. 
My express aim is to highlight the range of thoughts and experiences within the classroom and course materials and to orient diverse collectivity toward common problems that speak to students. In summary, I believe my role as an academic to be more than the dispenser of facts, but as a generator of knowledge.
Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Undergraduate Course

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses

“There is no such thing as a single issue struggle, because we do not live single issue lives.”

~ Audre Lorde